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Cutting and Squaring Bookboard

For those completely new to bookbinding, and those needing a refresher on the basics, we have another video tutorial for you on Cutting and Squaring Bookboard by hand. Squaring your boards is important in creating books that have front and back covers that line up evenly, open smoothly, and look and feel right in your hands. For this tutorial, You will need your bookboard of choice, we have both a 1/8th inch (.118), which is our preference for books and boxes, and a 1/16th board (.059). We use this thickness for portfolio liners, but it works well for covers on small books as well. You will also need a cutting surface like a cutting mat (another thick piece of pressed, non corrugated board will work in a pinch), a right triangle/squaring tool, a pencil, a sturdy ruler or straight edge and an Olfa knife with snap off blades.

Remember to always point the blade away from you, watch your fingers and never let cut with a dull blade. Don’t forget to like and subscribe on Youtube for more upcoming videos on Bookbinding Basics and more!

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